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Clones & Metamorphs brings you 2 new card frames to collect for the already existing library of 212 cards in Unearthly Origins — in other words, 424 new combinations to collect which will never be sold again, except on the upcoming marketplace by you, the owners of these cards.

Read our main Card Pack Guide to get a better understanding of card frames and the overall presale sale structure.

In this article we will cover what makes each card so unique and different:

  • Keywords.
  • Abilities.
  • A few examples of abilities ranging from simple to complex.
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Note that not all Creature cards have an ability or keyword, though.


Flight, Armour, EXTERMINATE, Gather Intel, Upper Hand.
These are some of the game’s Keywords, named that way because they are shared across multiple cards and thus it is easier simply to use a single word rather than a whole sentence for each card.

All Keywords are Abilities, not all Abilities are Keywords.

Let’s take a closer look at those 5 to begin…

In this article we will cover the TCG’s Creature design, specifically:

  • Life Forms.
  • Races.
  • Examples of cards that can interact with these.

Life Forms

The hundreds of different alien species in Doctor Who have dozens of building blocks that make up their physical bodies, but to keep it simple we’ve identified Organic, Mechanical, and Elemental as being the main categories.

That’s not to say we won’t add a couple more in the future, though.

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This is the language of the Time Lords, Gallifreyan. Each symbol spells out the symbol’s name.

Each Creature card’s Life Form is shown via one or more of these symbols in the upper left corner, just below the card name.

Organic Creatures make up…

In this article we will answer all questions related to cards in the game.

Card Frames

  • The cards you play on the board will be displayed as miniaturized versions of the frame you have selected for it in your collection.
  • Frames are selected per unique card, meaning if you select the Silver frame for e.g. one of your Cyberguards, it won’t affect all of your other Cyberguards.
  • This also means that each card you own has its own native frames and progression system. Unlocking the Gold frame for one Cyberguard doesn’t unlock it for any other Cyberguards you own.
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All visuals are work in progress and subject to change

Frames have no…

The upcoming TCG will include a variety of cosmetics to collect. The majority of these will be tradable on the marketplace in 2021, but some of them have to be earned by playing (and winning) games against other players.

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In this article we will cover:

  • Card Frames
  • Avatars
  • The Founders’ Token & The Swagspot
  • Portraits
  • Titles

Card Frames

At the presale you will be able to collect 212 different cards with 12 different frames for a total of around 2,500 different card/frame combinations ranging from Core frames with an infinite supply to Alien frames with extremely low and limited supplies.

In this article we will dissect each card pack available at the upcoming presale. There are over 2,500 different combinations of cards and frames to collect in the first release, Unearthly Origins, so if you want to know what the best chances are of getting exactly the combos you want, this article is for you.

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All Doctor Who: Worlds Apart card packs so far

Doctor Who: Worlds Apart is an officially licensed TCG using the Ethereum blockchain to secure and make game assets tradable for real money.
This type of game asset is called a “Non-Fungible Token” — NFT for short.

This article does not serve as investment advice, but rather a transparent view into what goes on behind the scenes once you open a card pack.

All pack contents are 100% random unless otherwise stated in the pack description.

All cards bought during the presale will be tradable on our internal marketplace in 2021. …

In this article we will cover the differences between:

  • Object cards
  • Phenomenon cards
  • Planet cards

We have covered The Board and Basic Combat in previous articles — be sure to read those first if you haven’t already.

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Objects & Phenomena

Both Objects and Phenomena are like a crossover between Creatures and Moments in that they stay in the present when played, but they don’t get Summoning Sickness after being played (meaning they can be activated right away), and they can’t attack or block.

In this article we will go through the differences between:

  • Moment cards
  • Flash cards
  • Upgrade cards

We have covered The Board and Basic Combat in previous articles — be sure to read those first if you haven’t already.

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Moments are single-use cards that can only be played on your own turn. By “single-use” we simply mean that the card goes to the past immediately after it is played.

Before its effect triggers and the card goes to the past, though, the other player is able to counter it with a Flash or an Ability from a card that’s already under…

In this article we will cover the combat mechanics of the Worlds Apart TCG:

  • Understanding which card types can and can’t attack.
  • Playing a Creature.
  • Attacking with a Creature.
  • Blocking with a Creature.

There are 8 card types in Worlds Apart, all of which cost from 0–15 Artron Energy to cast (shown by the blue number in the upper right), but only 2 of them have attack and health values, meaning only those 2 card types can attack and block.

We will cover the other 6 types in later articles, for now let’s focus on those 2:

Creatures & Companions

Creatures come in…

In this article we will introduce you to the past, the present, and the future as well as a few related game elements.

Subject to change during alpha and beta testing.

  • Your Avatar — a replica of The Thirteenth Doctor’s TARDIS in this case.
    This doubles as your “hand,” i.e. the cards you draw are kept inside your TARDIS.
  • The game’s resource system: Artron Energy.
  • The board, otherwise known as the present, shared by both players.
  • The discard pile, called the past. This is also shared by both players.
  • Your deck, called your future. This is unique to you.

Welcome to Skaro, Dalek City!


Andy Hauser

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