• Keywords.
  • Abilities.
  • A few examples of abilities ranging from simple to complex.


  • Life Forms.
  • Races.
  • Examples of cards that can interact with these.

Life Forms

This is the language of the Time Lords, Gallifreyan. Each symbol spells out the symbol’s name.

Card Frames

  • The cards you play on the board will be displayed as miniaturized versions of the frame you have selected for it in your collection.
  • Frames are selected per unique card, meaning if you select the Silver frame for e.g. one of your Cyberguards, it won’t affect all of your other Cyberguards.
  • This also means that each card you own has its own native frames and progression system. Unlocking the Gold frame for one Cyberguard doesn’t unlock it for any other Cyberguards you own.
All visuals are work in progress and subject to change

In this article we will cover:

  • Card Frames
  • Avatars
  • The Founders’ Token & The Swagspot
  • Portraits
  • Titles

Card Frames

In this article we will dissect each card pack available at the upcoming presale. There are over 2,500 different combinations of cards and frames to collect in the first release, Unearthly Origins, so if you want to know what the best chances are of getting exactly the combos you want, this article is for you.

All Doctor Who: Worlds Apart card packs so far

  • Object cards
  • Phenomenon cards
  • Planet cards

Objects & Phenomena

  • Moment cards
  • Flash cards
  • Upgrade cards


  • Understanding which card types can and can’t attack.
  • Playing a Creature.
  • Attacking with a Creature.
  • Blocking with a Creature.

Creatures & Companions

Andy Hauser

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