Mingo — Most Ambitious All-in-One Messaging with a Working Product?

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Mingo — ICO with an actual working product and 50,000+ users! (a rare thing)

“Bringing crypto to over 2 billion mobile users through messaging and gaming”

In this time and age, communication services are everywhere. It’s becoming a problem for many people to keep up with all the platforms out there (me included), and if you want to have a simple conversation with your friend Tom, chances are that you are going to use different services depending on what you’re doing: Discord, Facebook, Twitter, IRC Cloud, Skype, Slack, Steam, and so on and so on..

Mingo aims to solve this (and kind of already has) by merging all of these channels together into one on a per-contact basis, with more channels to be added.
What does it mean? Well, when Tom writes you via Facebook, Skype, or Discord, for instance, you will receive all those messages in ONE seemless feed. No more lost information and no more fiddling around with different apps!

(Screenshot from Mingocoin.com)

Other Core Features

The Mingo app is not only an incredibly convenient messaging platform, but it also comes with a wallet with a built-in cryptocurrency tutor for those who are new to the concept — a gamified experience that rewards users with coins for certain achievements.

From this wallet, you will also be able to send cryptocoins to your friends as easily as sending a text message!

Now here’s something REALLY interesting:

Mingo as a platform for future ICOs

“Mingo will be the first ICO to run its public fundraising through its own app”

In 4 days, when the ICO goes live, presumably, you will be able to and contribute to the ICO directly from the Mingo app! DO YOU KNOW WHAT THIS MEANS? (I’m super hyped right now)
It means that Mingo has the tech and potential to serve as a launching platform for all future ICOs!

This is huge! Imagine getting free advertisement every time a new ICO is launched — well, Mingo might just have that opportunity, which brings me to the next part:

Strategic Partners

Having the right strategic partners in a product launch can mean the difference between 100,000 downloads and 10 million!

  • Xunison — an international entertainment device company with more than 20 million subscribers. Xunison will install the Mingo app on 100,000 devices each month, effectively reaching 1.2 millions users through this partner alone! Ryan, CEO of Xunison, is also on helping Mingo as an Advisor.
    Xunison is also going to incorporate Mingo in its own market, allowing 2,500+ vendors to accept payment via Mingo.
  • Enterprise Ireland“Winning the Enterprise Ireland Competitive Feasibility Fund is a reflection of the potential we see with Mingo to fulfill a market need that is currently being underserved and undervalued. Our expectations with fund winners such as [Mingo] are demanding; to see the company grow rapidly through export revenue and job creation is the ultimate goal, and this feasibility fund helps support the business achieve an investment-ready offering. We look forward to supporting [Mingo] on their journey to success.” — Mark Atterbury, Regional Development Executive, Enterprise Ireland.
  • Niall Horan — Musician and a star in social media. Niall is a shareholder in Mingo and has a combined social media following of 64+ million, and is going to offer his followers exclusive content if they communicate with him through Mingo.

We’re possibly looking at millions of guaranteed downloads in the first year. This will most likely skyrocket Mingo and will definitely go a long way to help them secure a big portion of the market, very quickly.

If you’re already hooked, go to mingocoin.com

Mingo Pre-Sale & ICO

The first thing you should note if you buy in the pre-sale is that there are two tokens: MingoToken (MGT) and MingoCoin (MGC). The MGT is what you get when you participate in the pre-sale, and will be redeemable for MGC upon the completion of the ICO.

The only accepted currency is ETH and you must send them from an ERC-20 compatible wallet!
Please follow the instructions in this video by Ken Anderson, CTO, if you are unsure about what this means.
I would strongly advise you to act within the next 4 days to get a 25% bonus, as approximately €1,000,000 out of the total €2,000,000 has already been raised.

The MGC distribution is as follows:

70% of all MGC will be available in the pre-sale and ICO
20% will be reserved for founders among others.
10% will be given as user rewards.

Now, 20% may seem like a big chunk to be reserved for the founders and team, but according to the whitepaper this reserve will be issued over a 4-year vesting period, with 25% being released each year.
In other words, there is little to no risk that the founders will shut down Mingo and retire to a sunny island after the ICO.

Roadmap — Where Have They Been & Where Are We Going?

I’m just going to post a picture of the roadmap for those interested to see.

The Mingo Team

The vision is grand but I would say that they are definitely on track. Mingo’s team is 8 people strong (excluding Niall Horan) and has 6 advisors onboard. Let’s take a closer look at some of the team members:

  • CEO & Co-Founder Joe Arthur
    Joe has extensive experience in teaching and engineering, having spent 20 years in the field. With hus focus on education it only seems fitting for him to innovate the crypto-space by implementing the built-in tutor in the Mingo Wallet.
  • CTO Ken Anderson
    Ken was the lead contributor to the TM Forum’s REST API design guidelines, now used throughout the $2 trillion global telecom industry.
    Besides seemingly being a genious, he also has 20 years of experience in system design and architechture. He’s CEO of LaunchBall LLC, a successful business development & consulting firm. He was also Senior Project Manager at Tagachi LLC and a consultant at Watermark Studios from 1998–2010.
  • CMO Dean Gammell
    Founder of EntrepreneurSuccess.ie, TheGroupSystem.com, and DG Ventures Limited, an umbrella firm for a number of successfull tech companies.
    What can I say.. this guy knows what he’s doing. He’s a specialist in digital branding and was named Ireland’s Young Entrepreneur of the Year back in 2014.
  • COO & Co-Founder Dierdre Arthur Dierdre started her first business at age 18 and has since then managed to pull of distribution contracts with companies like Ryanair. Having her on the team seems to complete the skillset needed to pull of Mingo’s vision for the space.
  • Industry Advisor Stephen Taoylor
    Stephen has been with Microsoft since 1990 and now holds the title as Senior Service Manager. He’s proven his worth many times over and has extensive experience with early stage startups.

Should you invest?

Even though I cannot give you financial advice, I would definitely encourage you to read their whitepaper and consider investing even just a few bucks into this project — you stand the risk of losing maybe a day’s earnings but with the potential of gaining a couple months’ salary in the long term.

The fact that they have already delivered a working product and have outstand partnerships in place easily puts them in the top 1% of ICOs out there.

If you’re not sure how to invest, please go ahead and contact me and I will walk you through the process. Investing in ICOs is still quite technically challenging, but that’s a GOOD thing! It means that you are here early and stand to reap the greatest rewards whenever cryptocurrencies become mainstream.

Website: Mingocoin.com
Mingo FAQ here.
Whitepaper here.

Have a nice day and take care!