The Mv101 Team Doubles in Size + Space Misfits Kickstarter Giveaway

How Enjin Coin’s ecosystem brings people together 🍻

Multiverse101 started as a spark — like when rock hits metal — and quickly grew into a bonfire. It was a spontaneous idea with no plan but a whole lot of passion! 💜

As this message said on April 6, Multiverse101’s main mission is to get Enjin Coin-powered games in front of the masses; to educate mainstream gamers about the truly amazing applications of Enjin Coin’s blockchain platform and showcase what the ecosystem has to offer.

Ryan Wine, co-founder of the first big Enjin Coin community, picked up on the project, reached out, and got involved during the first weeks of April. Since then the project has proved itself to a number of existing Enjin-related Telegram communities across the Multiverse.

It is my pleasure to announce that we are now ready to take it one step further!

This week we joined forces with Sam Stebbins, the CEO of Space Misfits🚀
Check our the demo for the game:

Sam is now officially our Strategic Advisor which means that we’ll be able to consult with him on our business and marketing strategy— his specialty — as needed.

To celebrate this partnership we’re giving away 5 of our Mv101 FTs (Estimated value per FT: $100) to the next 5 people who spend at least $200 on Space Misfits’ Kickstarter campaign! 🤘🤩🤘

Your card won’t be charged if the campaign doesn’t succeed. Join the Space Misfits group and contact @andreashauser for entry verification.

We’ve called in the cavalry

Having advisors is all well and good, but as we need hands-on execution of our plan we need to up our game.

That is why Mv101 is hiring Kyle Strong, or @stylekrong as he’s known in Telegram, as the Head of Marketing to expand our presence outside of the Multiverse.

Starting out at 10–15 hours per week, Kyle will be in charge of reaching all the mainstream gamers out there — the thousands of youngsters and millennials who are tired of old regimes and corporate business models — to show them that there is another way;
The blockchain way;
The Enjin way.

Speaking of Enjin…

It’s important for us to point out that none of this would have been possible without Enjin.

Mv101 would not have existed if it wasn’t for Enjin Coin, their ecosystem of games, and the amazing community they’ve fostered.

And this extends to our team as well — I didn’t have to look far for talented individuals to work with.

For example, I find it incredible how my own enthusiasm for a game like Space Misfits can result in a message like this:

As well as the friendliness of people like Ryan, welcoming new projects with open arms and giving advise on a daily basis.

And then to find Kyle, our first real employee, through our very own Telegram community.

All of this in less than a month just goes to show that friends and colleagues can be made everywhere in Enjin’s Multiverse.

Thank you

If you’ve read this far you know that we aren’t going anywhere.
Our journey has just begun, and we want you to be a part of it.

So pick up that sword, wand, oogy, or spacecraft!
We’ll see you in the Multiverse.