My top 4 undiscovered HODLs for 2018

This is a quick overview of what I consider 4 extremely solid but “unknown” projects of 2018 (especially #4!). I personally tend not to invest in the top 50 already established coins, so if I do my job right you will probably learn about at least two or three high-potential coins that you didn’t even know existed.

Here we go!

#1 EnergiToken (ETK)

EnergiToken hold a special place in my heart as they are trying to solve one of modern society’s greatest problems: How do we reduce pollution of the Earth?
Up until now, there hasn’t really been much of an “incentive” for most people to live more sustainably just by buying energy efficient household appliances, using public transportation, using less energy for everyday tasks, etc.
In most cases these methods are either inconvenient or not very cost-effective in the short-term. But what if you were rewarded in tokens with real world value for doing so?

This all becomes possible with EnergiToken! Similarly to how Electroneum plans to let people mine ETN and then use that coin to pay for their phone bills, you will eventually be able to earn ETK every time you use public transport or buy energy efficient appliances — which can then be used to pay your utility bills, sold on an exchange or traded peer-to-peer for energy.

And on top of that, EnergiToken is backed by an already established company — Energi Mine. This is a successful business located in the UK that manages more than $140 million in energy for over 1,100 clients in Europe.
More info here.

With an ICO price of just around $0.03 per token, and all of them sold out in 80 minutes raising $15 million, I expect to see a very healthy growth as the team further develops their partnerships and starts to implement the token for real-world use.

ETK is expected to hit exchanges in Q1, 2018.

#2 Krios (KRI)

Krios presentation:

Krios is a decentralized marketing management platform where businesses can recruit influencers, ad managers, marketing managers, and more!

Having been a freelancer myself, I know how essential it can be for small or medium sized businesses to outsource their marketing needs to one or more specialised freelancers — and I know how hard it can be to find the quality you need.
Similarly, from the freelancer’s perspective, you don’t really have a choice between the bad and the decent gigs if you want to make a living from it — all you can do is hope that the outsourcer doesn’t scam you or simply runs away with the money after the work is done (been there, done that!) This industry is SUCH as hassle!
And on top of that, popular intermediaries like Upwork charge up to 20% simply for being the middle man! 😵

This highly lucrative industry needs regulation and stability which Krios is ready to offer. With Krios, outsourcers will be able to “create a full-scale marketing team specific to their project, and then manage and coordinate the campaign, all at a fraction of the cost.”

Using blockchain technology, both parties can rest assured that the agreed work is carried out, and the agreed amount is paid.

This will all be possible via the native ERC-20 token, KRI, which outsourcers can then buy at exchanges OR directly from Krios for a minimum of $5 + 10% of the market rate, whichever is cheapest.

Additionally, all holders of KRI will receive 10% of the transactions fee every quarter, proportionate to their holdings.

I can recommend reading through the whitepaper for a longer explanation of all the mechanics behind Krios’ decentralised marketplace:
You’re also welcome to join the unofficial Krios Community group on Facebook.

Krios has just finished their successful ICO and the token is expected to hit the exchanges in March.

#3 Divi Project (DIVI)

Visual demo, not the final design:

I actually covered Divi in an earlier post,so I’ll just make a few points about it here:

Divi’s slogan “Crypto was broken. We’re fixing it” was what first caught my eye during their presale. They’ve taken a healthy outlook on the crypto world and found that most coins have literally zero use — a point that I think most can agree on.

So Divi is creating a coin that is actually spendable via their decentralized marketplace and through intuitive p2p transactions.
To make it even more exciting, they’re introducing a tiered masternode system where more coins equals a new tier and percentage increase, from 1,000 coins to 100,000. More about that here.
If you’re new to masternodes, they are essentially an upgraded form of staking (PoS) that lets you earn passive income while you go and enjoy life😎(don’t quote me on that).

Divi is currently traded under the ticker “DIVX” (an ERC-20 token) until their mainnet goes live in Q2, 2018.
It’s only traded on Cryptopia at the moment and has gone from $0.30 in the presale to $10 at its all-time high, but currently sitting at just below $3.

#4 Universa (UTN)

Universa CEO & Trade Minister of Malaysia

Universa is going places! If I were to put all of my eggs in one basket (which I would never do!), I would probably go with Universa.
This project is so huge it’s damn near unbelievable.

Universa is a fully customizable blockchain catering to the needs of governments and high-scale, international corporations alike. If you want a few quick facts about this monster of a project, please see the official FAQ page.

The ICO ended in December and the coin is now tradeable on Cobinhood for about $0.05 (up by 400%) under the ticker “UTNP” (P = placeholder). Similarly to Divx, we will need to exchange this temoporary ERC-20 token for the real deal when the mainnet goes live (soon!).

But here’s the juicy stuff: Universa has just signed a deal with Novotrans, a top Russian freight service with 28,000 train units, “to digitize and blockchainize Novotrans logistics business. Tokenizing cargo transportation, digital car history tracking and smart contracts for freighters.

On top of that, Universa is negotiating deals with the Trade Minister of Malaysia, integration of Universa into the Smart City project of Dubai, collaboration with BaoShan district of Shanghai, deals with Malaysia’s Deputy Minister of Communications and Innovation…. and sooo much more!
If you want to read all 9 news articles, head to the official Universa News Telegram Channel.

I personally believe that Universa will do for governments and corporations what Ethereum did for Initial Coin Offerings. But, you know.. DYOR! ;-)

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